Friday, December 29, 2023

Jan-Mar-2024 Scheduled Events

Brevet-Populaires + Dart-Populaire: 
  • heading toward a 2024 Rouleur Award and 
  • building up to the March-2024 ACP Series 200-km Brevet. 
Datekmsroute RWGPS
RaleighPopulaire2024/01/13107Mt. Tirzah PopulaireMartin8 am (*)
RaleighPopulaire2024/01/27125Ravenstone - Denny's Store 125KMartin
8 am (*)
RaleighDart-Pop2024/02/10120Harvest Plaza (9700 Strickland Rd)Martin8 am (*)

RaleighPopulaire2024/02/24153Ravenstone Mayo Lake PopulaireMartintbd (*)
RaleighPopulaire2024/03/09110route #655 (Morrisville - Pittsboro)Martintbd (*)
For more information, go to the Rouleur / Populaire page
ACP Series, March-May: 
NC: RaleighACP brevet2024/03/23200227Martin7 am start (*)
NC: RaleighACP brevet2024/04/13300 tbdMartin6 am start (*)
NC: RaleighACP brevet2024/04/27400 tbdMartinstart time TBD (*)
NC: RaleighACP brevet2024/05/18600 tbdMartinstart time TBD (*)
NC: RaleighACP brevet2024/08/17200 tbdMartinstart time TBD (*)
For more information, go to the 2024 ACP Series page

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