2024 ACP Series

42nd Annual NCBC Brevet Series  
Dates and routes. 
NC: RaleighACP brevet2024/03/23200227Martin7 am start (*)
NC: RaleighACP brevet2024/04/13300 tbdMartin6 am start (*)
NC: RaleighACP brevet2024/04/27400 tbdMartinstart time TBD (*)
NC: RaleighACP brevet2024/05/18600 tbdMartinstart time TBD (*)
NC: RaleighACP brevet2024/08/17200 tbdMartinstart time TBD (*)
(*) Rider check-in will typically open 30-minutes before the indicated start time (and will promptly close 5-minutes before the start time).  Detailed information will be available prior to the date of the event -- check the NC-rando-google-group for "last-minute" developments and information.  
General outline of plan:   
The general plan is to put on the ACP Series in the same general time-frame that Alan always used: 
  • 200 -- late March, using Alan's traditional 200. 
  • 300 -- early April, at least two weeks after the 200, preferably a new course, 
  • 400 -- late April, at least two weeks after the 300, preferably a new course, 
  • 600 -- mid-May, at least two, probably, three weeks after the 400. preferably a new course. 
  • 200 -- August Saturday nearest the 14th, the date of RUSA's birth -- a Raleigh Region tradition since 2009 
  • Thinking ahead to 2025, if Alan is still interested, Alan's 200 & 300, but the new 400 & 600. 
  • Thinking ahead to 2026, if Alan is still interested, Alan's 200 & 400, but the new 300 & 600. 
  • But those are rather distant, and many things could change before then.  
In early 2024, the plan is to put on the brevet-pops and the dart-pop required for a Rouleur Award prior to the ACP 200.  As Populaires are all RUSA certified rather than ACP certified, those do not have to be scheduled before the end of September.  The dates for the Winter / Spring Rouleur Series will be determined to, as much as possible, avoid conflicts with other nearby Regions: 
  • Winter / Spring Rouleur Series, use this link to see the actual B-Pop / Dart-Pop dates
  • 100-124 kms -- Mt Tirzah 107, 
  • 125-149 kms -- Ravenstone - Denny's Store 125, 
  • 149-199 kms -- Ravenstone - Mayo Lake 153, 
  • Dart Populaire 120-kms -- Harvest Plaza finish (and start). 
  • The combination of all leading into the ACP 200 as described above. 
  • At this time, plans and dates for a Summer Rouleur Series and an Autumn Rouleur Series have not been determined.  

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