Friday, October 13, 2023

Autumn 2023 Brevet-Populaire Schedule

Three Four brevet-populaires are on the Raleigh Region schedule for October, November, December, 2023 -- a second Populaire has been added in mid-November as part of the North Carolina Year-End Commemorations. 
  • One each month (two in November) -- "sliding" from the longest brevet-pop to the shortest. 
  • Conceptually going shorter as the days get shorter (and the temperatures likely decrease). 
  • The list is available here and on the RUSA website ("Search" for "Rides" and choose "NC: Raleigh" for the Region). 
  • All Three brevet-pops will start and end at Ravenstone Plaza, which is in eastern Durham County and are reasonably convenient for those living anywhere in or near the Triangle. 
  • Ravenstone Plaza is located on the southeast corner of the intersection of NC-98 and Sherron / Patterson Rd.  Look at the RWGPS link for any of the routes to confirm the location (RWGPS inks available here). 
  • At Ravenstone Plaza, park along the north edge of the parking lot, just below the ABC store. 
  • The November-18 Populaire will start / end in Morrisville -- see the RWGPS link referenced above. 
  • To ride in these events:  
    • you must be a current RUSA member (RUSA new/renewing member link -- $30 per year), 
    • you must sign and turn-in the waiver before the ride, 
    • you must pay the $5 event entry fee before the ride. 
  • For more information, contact Martin, RUSA #6218, RBA for Raleigh.  
  • Also see the NC-Rando-google-group for additional info as the date for any event approaches. 
    • Note:  anyone can view the emails there, but you must join the google-group to conveniently receive them directly into your email inbox.

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